Uhm, what is this?

You're probably confused. Allow me to explain.

Mapamatically is the name of my company created for my MYP Personal Project. The project is an optional service project that 10th graders in the International Baccalaureate program can choose to complete. For my project, I decided to sell prints of my "calculart" or calculator art. The company is named because I primarily make maps on my TI-83 calculator of America for this site. I do make other things as requested but my best pictures are the states.(Personally my favorite is the ever intricate Washington/Oregon coast) So, if you'd like to help me or your favorite organization out, place an order!

Why should I pay for this?

A.K.A. the question I'd ask  too.

This business is 100% non-profit. We donate any money we make to the charity you choose. By purchasing even our postcards, you are helping out a high school student and a charity. Please note that you can't write this off on taxes as a charitable donation as you are receiving something in return. So if you really don't like these, at least you can buy one out of the good in your heart.

Who would want this?

A.K.A. the question I get too often.

Teachers. Math teachers. Math teachers who were also Social Studies teachers at once. That's not to say you won't like my prints if you aren't a teacher, but the way I envision this is as a cool poster for a classroom- but it'd totally look cool in your room! 

Where does my money go?

A.K.A. why do I have to choose a charity?

As stated in many places on here, this is a non-profit. Every single dollar I make back goes to the charity you choose. If you'd like to donate to more than one, please specify on the order form or I will split it equally. 

Why do pictures of graphs cost so much?

A.K.A. this seems a bit much for a 15 year old's mildly cool art

Because great art costs money. Actually, it's because a great majority of the money actually goes to printing and shipping to allow for the best quality (and it's definitely at the lowest price possible). To make sure I can actually donate something, I add around 10% of that price on to the creation costs. I can't go out of pocket for my school project because I already have to buy flyers! I'm sorry if you can't afford something but I can only prorate a custom amount of postcards. To do this, please email me before placing an order.

What charity does the default option put profits towards?

A.K.A. I didn't understand, so I choose default.

If you choose default, the profit from your purchase will go into a aggregate fund. At the end of every month, on the 30th, we will take the fund and donate it all to the most supported charity of the month. If there is a tie, the money will be split accordingly.

How am I billed?

A.K.A. why didn't you ask me for money yet

For people placing a custom order, I will show you the picture first (it has a watermark so don't try to print it out yourself at Kinkos) in an email to make sure you get what you pay for. If you don't like it, I can make changes until it's right or you can say "No thanks" and it will be fine. 
For any order, you will be billed with a confirmation of your order and then an invoice. Payments are through a Paypal so you may use Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal. 

Can I pay you through check or cash?

A.K.A. I don't trust computers

You may pay me through check or cash via the mail but please email me first before placing an order! Once we clear your check, your order will be processed and shipped. This option will take longer, sorry.

Will you make pictures other than of the states?

A.K.A. can I get a portrait of my daughter in her prom dress standing on a volcano with a lobster as a date because I didn't approve of that boy she went with?

As stated in the order forms, I make custom pictures. Generally, these are names or places not graphed yet. If you ask me for a human face, I'm probably going to say no unless you want it to look like some odd Picasso cubism thing. (Yes, I reserve the right to deny your order as a concern for your quality) If you aren't sure you want to even request it, just email me! As stated above, I will send you a preview before charging you.

Can I have a refund?

A.K.A. "Oh. That's uh, interesting." 

Yes and no. I cannot issue a refund on something that is custom. I can issue a pre-made print refund because I can resell it. But, please, please, please, make sure you really want the item before you make my teenage life just slightly more difficult.

I have a question not stated here.

A.K.A. not a question so why is it in FAQ

Feel free to email me at calculart@gmail.com

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